To Mist Or Not To Mist?

April 24, 2020 1 By The Plant Stuff Shop

For an idnoor plant to be healthy it needs 6 basics that need to happen.

These don’t need to happen all at the same time, though so don’t panic

Your plants need warmth, light, water, humidity, rest and feeding and re-potting.

We will touch on the other basics in other posts but today, we’re going to concentrate on humidity.

Why is humidity important for your house plants?

Heating in our homes dry out the air to desert-like conditions. During the summer most homes (without air conditioning) have humidity levels in the 40-60% range. This is perfect for indoor plants. It’s dry enough to inhibit fungus, but moist enough to keep your plants comfortable.

During the winter however, with our heaters blazing and fires roaring, it is common for humidity to drop below 30%. Desert or dry air has 10-30% humidity which is much too dry for all but cacti and succulents.

Rooms in your home, such as your bathroom or kitchen, normally tend to have a little higher humidity so are a little more plant friendly.

If you want to keep your plants in drier areas, there are some things you can do. Adding a humidifier to a room will definitely help, but there are easier ways.


  • Try and group plants together. There tends to be more moisture around your pots as they are full of moist soil, and the air that is trapped around their leaves. Be careful with plant groupings though. They don’t like to touch each other and need some “personal space”. Close but not touching will keep them happy together.
  • Misting plants can help to raise the humidity. Be mindful though and make sure to only mist plants in the morning, so that the leaves can dry before it’s time for bed. Don’t forget to mist both sides of the leaves, not just the top! Misting also helps to prevent spider mite infestations; mites love dry air!
  • A pebble tray is the best way to raise the humidity around a plant. To create a pebble tray is really simple. Fill the tray so that the plant sits on top of a layer of small stones rather than the base of the tray. Fill the tray with water and with the plant on top of the pebbles it won’t be sitting in the water. As the water evaporates out of the tray, the air surrounding the plant will be humidified!!! Use a cookie tray to make groupings of several pots together in a single tray.